Every once in a while I find myself preparing a presentation. In my case these are company internal documents to share knowledge with co-workers and students most of the time.

A good presentation doesn’t have a whole lot of text in it, because text just distracts the audience from the things the speaker has to say. They usually just start reading everything themselves. Keeping the text amount small and building more on imagery and a good speech to communicate the content is key.

I keep a whole lot of reaction images and animated GIFs in Atsumeru, so there are usually more than enough images for any situation. Atsumeru 2 for OSX makes finding appropriate images quite easy with its built-in search function. Once I got a fitting image it takes just a simple drag and drop to make its way into Keynote.

Bird running from explosion

I use GIFs to spice up parts of a presentation. The bird running away from an explosion might illustrate the feeling of bug reports coming in after a software release. You also might like to add (self-made) GIFs of screen recordings demonstrating some software feature that I am giving a talk about.

I am sure there are many more use-cases calling for a good collection of GIFs and section images. I am very curious to hear what you are using your Atsumeru collection for. Feel free to drop me a tweet or an email to share.

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