• iPad-only Blogging

    I replaced my privately used Macbook Air with an iPad Pro earlier this year as it wasn’t a good fit to the major use-cases I need a computer for in private. At home I mostly use it to watch videos or read articles with the very occasional game (I very much prefer dedicated gaming consoles). The majority of time it is used to manage family photos and videos – and for that the iPad works much faster and comfortable than my previous Mac.

  • Atsumeru for Presentations

    Every once in a while I find myself preparing a presentation. In my case these are company internal documents to share knowledge with co-workers and students most of the time.

  • Last Man Sitting

    Reports and recommendations for standing desks have crossed my way many times. Ever since I first heard of the idea it sounded like an interesting experiment worth trying, but the prices of those type of (adjustable) standing desks were too high (they still are) to just “have a try” with the risk of having a very expensive piece of furniture standing around nobody wants to use.

  • Atsumeru for Work and Play

    With Atsumeru for OS X being in a quite nice state I began using it more regularly. I even bring it to work every day where it spices up my day occasionally. It is running throughout the day so I have my collection of reaction GIFs and images at hand when I need them. There are two main occasions for which Atsumeru is terrific for. And because it syncs through iCloud with Atsumeru on my iPhone and iPad, these use-cases are not restricted to the Mac.

  • Never Read in the App Store

    I have played with the thought of getting a Mac developer account for a while. Foremost to begin working on a Mac version of atsumeru, but also to push some smaller Apps I have lying around as far as it makes sense to publish them. Thanks to Apple merging the iOS and OS X development programmes I suddenly found myself being able to also offer OS X Apps.

  • Atsumeru and Syncing

    Ever since I released Atsumeru the number one feature I wanted to add was syncing. Mainly to not being restricted to using Atsumeru on the iPhone I always have with. Occasionally it would be great on the iPad as well. Besides that, a Mac version of the App is also on the very top of my list of features I want.

  • The Perfect Device

    There is always a tool which is the best choice for the job. For enjoying PS1 games, I’d like to argue the best tool is Sony’s PlayStation Portable.

  • Final Fantasy XIII on my iPhone

    A couple days ago I noticed @manuspielt mentioning a version of Final Fantasy XIII had been released for to the App Store in Japan. And it is only 20 MB in download size.

  • How To Recover Disk Space From Xcode

    I am working a lot on my 2012 Macbook Air 13” enjoying the possibility of changing environments. This machine is actually my main computer, mostly due to the circumstances of living in Japan. Apartments are often small and coffee shops are very welcoming for people who want to get something done. Unfortunately the SSD in my Macbook Air is a bit too much on the small side with 256 GB. I was shocked this week when I had to find out that the free space was down to 3 GB.

  • The Awful State of Syncing

    Data synchronisation becomes a feature of increasing importance in many applications and games these days yet it is often so awfully implemented in console gaming.