With Atsumeru for OS X being in a quite nice state I began using it more regularly. I even bring it to work every day where it spices up my day occasionally. It is running throughout the day so I have my collection of reaction GIFs and images at hand when I need them. There are two main occasions for which Atsumeru is terrific for. And because it syncs through iCloud with Atsumeru on my iPhone and iPad, these use-cases are not restricted to the Mac.

Communicate with Colleagues

As probably everybody else out there we are using Slack to communicate in the office. Naturally there are direct messages with colleagues as well as project-related channels. Having only text-based discussions and reports can grow rather boring, so I occasionally drag and drop a fitting animated GIF from my favorites into a conversation to spice things up.

ATSUMERU x SLACK A good image for a situation is found very quick thanks to the search inside Atsumeru. A great reason to name all images in your collection.

Communicate with Family and Friends

Of course I also use iMessage on my Mac to stay in touch with my contacts outside of Slack. This mainly covers my family and some friends. Emojis are fine and all, but sometimes they are insufficient to transport a message. Images can bear more meaning at times and are still faster to drop into iMessage than writing a text reply. The fun gets even bigger if the person on the other hand also keeps a neat collection of reaction images and conversations turn into images completely.


Whenever somebody sends you an (animated) image you like, remember Atsumeru is only a drag and drop away. Keep building your collection and share what you got.

Atsumeru 2 will soon be available for iPhone, iPad and OS X. Please visit atsumeru.neverthesamecolor.net for more information, and sign up for the launch mailing list to not miss it.